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Tour 8: Warwick Castle


As you enter the Barbican you go back to the 11th century. This is what a castle should look like. A complete monumemt to warfare, fortified by William the Conqurer in 1068.

  • See what state of the art Armour and weapons 1000-1800 AD looked like.
  • Walk the Ramparts and imagine doing that for a living.... In Winter!
  • Are you brave enough to enter the Ghost Tower?
  • Stroll through the Great Hall where nobility ate, drank and slept.
  • See the world’s largest siege machine – The Trebuchet in action.
  • And which brave knight will you give your favour to in the jousting?
  • Visit the former private apartments of Daisy, Countess of Warwick.
  • See Victorian Rose Gardens, Peacock Gardens and the Conservatory…
    … its goes on and on…a wonderful place to visit.


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